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Download the Free Version of Windows 10

Shamim Al Mamun    Jan.12, 2018    No Comment

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 software will be officially released tomorrow, July 9. The users of Windows 7 and 8, can update Windows 10 without charge. Microsoft has declared the new operating system update process.

Microsoft says Windows 10 operating system will be faster, more secure, and easy. The new start button  is similar like windows 7. Microsoft’s new software technology has long been at the center of the discussion.
How To Download Windows 10:
1. Click the Start button or the Windows logo.
2. Then, you have to click “Reserve Your Free upgrade” button.

3.You must sign in with your Live or Outlook account to ensure the reservation.
4. You will be notified after completion of windows update.
5. Now can take the experience of windows 10.


You must have a Live or Outlook Live e-mail account to upgrade windows. The email service of Microsoft is totally free for all users. You can update your windows free of charge but you have to pay the downloading charge.
What’s new in Windows 10
With Windows 10, Microsoft is bringing some new features. It has a powerful browser named “Edge”. Microsoft will launch a new windows app store. The apps of this store will support PC and Tab.