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Easily access on a blocked website

Shamim Al Mamun    Apr.17, 2015    No Comment

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Some of websites owners do not want spam visitor or unwanted visitors. Suppose a website owner block all the countries visitors except the United State. But there is a lot of information which is essential for you. In this case, what should you do with that blocked website?

Hola Better Internet

Hola Better Internet

There are many ways to access any blocked website. Such as using IP instead of a URL, using a proxy server, changing adapter setting are the way to access a block website. But these ways are so difficult to activate for the newbie. In this case easy solution is a plugin for your browser.

The name of the plugin is Hola Better Internet. It is compatible with Mozilla firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Android and iPhone.

Instruction for adding Hola: It is so easy to use. Just visit and select your device. Then install it and enjoy!