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Experience of Student Visa Interview for American University in Dhaka Embassy, Rejected 2 Times

Masuk    Aug.27, 2015    No Comment

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I am a student from Sylhet, I have applied 2 times for student visa in this fall 2015 but rejected. I went to American center From December 2014 to June 2015 and came to know every specific details regarding US university choice, admission as well about proper way to process visa. I was looking for bachelor of business administration and therefore I have selected 7 to 8 University. After that the American center advisor gave me a short list from my choice of institution and suggested me I should select 1 among them. Thereby I have choice 1 of the reputed university with popular major in business administration. This particular university offered me on campus housing scholarship which is one of the outstanding opportunities for me as an international student.

Finally, I have selected this university for my further education destination and I have collected the I-20 paper from FedEx. Then, I paid the SEVIS fees via the credit card and collected the SEVIS paper from online. After that I have fixed my interview date in July 9 known as student visa day. However, I got rejected.

My interview with visa officer was following:

VO = Hello, Good morning.

Me = Good morning mam. Have a nice day.

VO = Where are you planning to go?

Me = said my university name.

VO = ok, Have you applied any other institutions?

Me = said properly.

VO = when you completed your HSC?

Me = In 2013.

VO = since then what are you doing?

Me = Well mam I am a student now I am doing BBA at Sylhet metropolitan university since March 2014.

VO = How many semester you have completed?

Me = I have completed 4 semester in term of 12 semester.

VO = Good.

VO = Have you taken any test?

Me = Yes mam I have taken IELTS as one of the mandatory requirement from this university.

VO = How many IELTS SCORE require from this university.

Me = band score 5. 5 but I have Band score 6.

VO = After typing sometime she told me today I am not giving you visa. You can try again. Before you apply again you can go our advising center.

Me = ok mam thank you. I was shocked from this as I am already from American center.


After that as recommended from my parents I attempt another day for interview, it was 23 July.

VO = Send me your I-20 and passport.

Me = gave it to officer.

VO = have you applied any other school?

Me = said the story. VO = who is your sponsor?

Me = my father is my sponsor.

VO = tell me about the business?

Me = said properly.

VO = how many siblings?

Me = I have 1 one elder brother and 1 younger sister.

VO = what about your elder brother.

Me = my elder brother have completed his MBA from London metropolitan university and now doing job in Bangladesh at one of the reputed multinational company.

VO = why US?

Me = said properly. After that he typing something and told me you can apply again.

My question is that what should I do? Should I apply again to spring 2016 or should I change the university? I have lost my 6 month of valuable time behind it as well money also. I heard from someone in the United States undergraduate student should start there course through the community college. Should I apply to community college? Please guide me to right path. I am looking for quality education which will lead me to being a bright future in Bangladesh as inspired from my elder brother.

Thank You