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Rules of a perfect essay writing

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An important component of many international tests knowledge of English is writing essays. Listen to our advice!

Writing essays is a very difficult skill that requires excellent knowledge of the language. Using our tips you will easily cope with this challenge.


Start thinking about the essay topic as early as possible. The extra time will give you the opportunity to collect a maximum of relevant information. If you hone in on brainstorming a topic, you will soon notice that the necessary data appear like themselves.

A similar effect occurs when memorizing a new word when it suddenly begins to occur in the text more often than before. Since you are on certain types of information, first of all pay attention to her.

First try to sketch out a rough plan of the essay. Systematize all the information available on this issue. This will help you to determine the future direction of work. Make a rough plan of the essay, write the questions that will need answering. In the process of learning this list will be updated with new, more specific questions.

Don’t be afraid to start

They say that even seasoned writers occasionally feel a sense of uncertainty and fear before you undertake new work. You is the more excusable, therefore, sit down and start creating. You can begin with anything, don’t worry about style and spelling. The main thing is to get the ball rolling. Sketched the main thesis, start to elaborate the structure of your essay.

Typing essays on the computer, you can rearrange chunks of text as you need. If you take notes on paper, leave a few blank lines after each main point, then to add to it. Try to stick to a classic structure: introduction – main part – conclusion.



This part is usually given a General comment on the essay identifies the key concepts. Specify which questions of the topic you are going to consider. Don’t forget that an essay – a short piece of writing, mention only the main points.

Correctly made from the introduction it becomes clear that you understand the subject and intend to give answers to questions. Plan an essay gives an idea about its structure and main aspects. In the introduction you mention studies and give links to sources. Perfect volume this part – no more than 10% of the total composition. For example, if all the essay is 2000 characters, the amount of administration shall not exceed two hundred characters.

At the beginning of the essay, use such clichés as “This work is dedicated to…”, “In this essay will be considered…”, etc. Then you should repeat or slightly modify the wording of the question. For example, the following question: “Discuss the latest innovations in the field of computer technology”. Hence, the introduction may sound like this: “In this work will analyse the latest developments in the field of computer technology”. Definitions should be clear, not allow ambiguous interpretation.

In order to make the plan more specific, use phrases like:

  • “First will be considered…”
  • “Next, we turn to the description…”
  • “As a result we will draw conclusions about…”

The main part

In the main part you need to present all arguments supported by illustrations and examples. Based on the logic of the narrative, the text should be divided into paragraphs. Make the structure of the essay so that from the main part could smoothly move to the conclusion.

The final part

In the conclusion you should draw conclusions from all of the ideas discussed. So you answer the main question addressed in the essay. If so provided in the theme, you need to mention the consequences and prospects of the phenomenon. Can share your views, not forgetting to support their arguments.

Components of a good conclusion

You need not just to take stock, and it is logical to complete the work. Tell us what is written is applicable to real life.

List the most important ideas. Using the thesis from the introduction, present them with other words and expressions.

In conclusion, you need to reiterate key points that were made in the main part. If the volume of works is large enough, it will be necessary. In the conclusion to a short essay you can do without listing the main ideas.

Use a relevant quote or a striking metaphor to encourage the reader to further reflection.

Predict the consequences and results of the described phenomena, offer different solutions to the problem.

What should be avoided when writing the conclusion?

Do not present brand new ideas. If you think that they can not do without, please share that in the main part.

Speak up with confidence, not apologizing and not apologizing. Phrases like “At least I think so” or “of Course, I am not an expert” is invalid.

Don’t pay too much attention to minor details.

Do not put into question the arguments given earlier, do not contradict yourself.

The majority of teachers believes that the most important part of the essay. Its content can be concluded about how well you have learned the material deeply penetrated into the essence of the problem. If after writing the conclusion, you will have to adjust other parts of the essay, it will only improve the quality of the text.

In the end the proportions are perfect, the essay should be approximately the following:

  • introduction – up to 10% of the total composition;
  • conclusion – no more than 15% of the total text.

The style of the essay

Do not abuse the cumbersome verbal constructions and expressions. Please refrain from jargon and abbreviations. The optimal form of writing – concise and clear phrase. Sometimes they can be alternated with more extensive proposals. Your main goal is simple and accessible presentation of the essence of the material. Write so that the reader could easily follow the course of your discussions without being distracted by unnecessary details.