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Dr Adam Levinson

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From 2005 to 2010 my PSA increased from 2.5 to 4.5 when I got a first prostate biopsy showing a low percentage of cancer cells in a couple of cores and Gleason score of 3 – 3. I determined to stay with watchful waiting largely because of the slow increase in PSA over the previous five years and concern about the side effects of surgery. At the time I was 63 years old. A second biopsy in late 2011 showed incidence of cancer on both sides of the prostate and one core with 75% cancer cells. Gleason score came back from the lab analysis at 3-4 and my doctor Adam Levinson recommended that it was time to remove the prostate. I requested a second analysis from a top pathologist at another academic medical institution, and got a report back with the Gleason score 3-3. Even with that more promising report I decided to take my doctor’s advice and go ahead with the surgery especially convinced it was the thing to do after meeting with the surgeon recommended by Dr. Levinson, Dr. David Samadi, Dr. Samadi’s reputation, his deep experience as a surgeon and development of his own technique to avoid the nerve bundle around the prostate through his use of laparoscopic robotic surgery encouraged me. I was better prepared to go ahead, eliminate the risk of the cancer spreading and not be overly concerned about side effects to my urinary and sexual functioning.

The surgery was performed at Mt. Sinai on a Saturday morning in June 2012. My recovery from this major surgery was fairly quick. I was up the next day walking as prescribed and after two nights in the hospital was able to take care of myself at home. 10 days later after removal of the catheter I was practically fully back in control. Control of my urinary function was never much of a problem and I had total control within 5 weeks of surgery. My sexual function was as good as before surgery almost immediately, within two weeks, at first with a daily ED tablet, but after the 30 day supply was finished, no medication has been needed. Remarkable.

The other surprise was that analysis of the prostate after surgery found cancer in 75% of the prostate. Fortunately contained in the capsule. My watchful waiting was just about too long and too late. But the surgery was completely successful. My PSA is today, 6 weeks after surgery,undetectable , zero point zero zero. So I have my life and my quality of life is undiminished. Thanks to a great surgeon.

Thanks to you forever Dr. Samadi, and best wishes,

Dillon F.