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The Exceptional Mobiles in the World

Shamim Al Mamun    May.27, 2015    No Comment

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Mobile is one of the most popular devices in the world. There are huge kinds of Mobiles that is out of your imagination.  We will uphold some of the mobiles.  At the time of mobile invention, it was too big device. However, we will not discuss about the invention of the mobile. In this article, we only speak about latest exceptional mobile.

Cicret Bracelet mobile:
This is an amazing mobile phone.  This phone is only a bracelet which works as a smart phone. A question may come to your mind the display and keypad. Okay, now I’m describing how it works. It works like mini projector. After wearing this Cicret Bracelet, it will make your hand’s skin as a mobile display. This phone is waterproof; even you can use it at the bathtub.


Light phone or Anti smart phone:
This is not a smart phone. But this phone is a result of the latest technology. Light phone or Anti smart phone is so small and thin. You can easily put it into your money bag. This phone is anti smart because it has no advantage like internet browser, MMS and other facilities of a smart phone.




Nokia 888 (For the future):

Nokia 888 is an exceptional mobile phone design. It will come in the market as soon as possible.  This phone also works as a bracelet and more than a bracelet. It has all the smartest technology. This phone is so flexible and user friendly. You can bend it any time. You can keep Nokia 888 in your pocket like a pen or wear it like a watch.